Pastel My Money: Take a Quick Tour

Welcome to the world of Online Personal Finance Management

Pastel My Money is an online personal finance management tool brought to you by Sage Pastel. Synonymous with trusted accounting software, Sage Pastel is the ideal partner on your road to personal financial success.

Pastel My Money Features 1

Get the Information you Need

For a bird’s eye view of your finances and to track your spending trends, the Dashboard in Pastel My Money is the quickest and easiest way to get an overview of your spending habits, bank account balances and what you have left at the end of each month.

Spending categories and groups can tell you whether you are spending your money on essentials or splashing out on other things.

By clicking on any graph you can drill down to quickly view more details on income and expenses or a specific category.

Drilling Down to Detailed Information

The Drill Down feature in Pastel My Money lets you look deeper into information that is presented on the screen. This drill down functionality is available on the Dashboard as well as report previews. When working on the Dashboard, for example, you can start by viewing your Expenses, then drill down to an expense category graph by month. By clicking on a bar on the graph you will drill down to each transaction. By clicking on the detail option, you can even display the transaction and change the category if required.

Similarly, when you preview reports on the screen, Pastel My Money offers drill down capabilities where possible. This enables you to view more detail about the displayed amount. For example, if you view expenses by category, you can drill down on an expense category to display how this amount is made up. You can then drill down even further to a more detailed report.

By clicking on any graph you can drill down to quickly view more details on income and expenses or a specific category.

Pastel My Money Features 2

Manage your Income and Spending

You can manage all your money with unlimited bank and credit card accounts in Pastel My Money.

You can easily and quickly process expenses, income and bank transfers. My Money will even remember which payee and category to use based on quick entry rules that you set up. Attach files and add notes to any transaction.

Automatic Bank Feeds

Set up automatic bank feeds which allow you to automatically import bank statements into your My Money bank or credit card accounts from banks and other financial institutions without having to manually import your bank statements yourself.

Each day when you login to your household, any new transactions available in your bank statement will be available for review in the My Money Bank Statements screen. You will save even more time by creating Quick Entry Rules where My Money will automatically assign the correct payee and category each time your automated bank statements are refreshed. Managing your money could not be easier!

If you don’t want to use automatic bank feeds, you can manually enter your income and expenditure or even better, import your bank statements instead of capturing every transaction. Pastel My Money can import bank statements in OFX or CSV format.

Split your transaction lines when processing to your bank account to allocate a single transaction to more than one category. For example, you may want to split a grocery payment between food and pool supplies.

Pastel My Money Features 3

Budgets you can stick to

Pastel My Money calculates your average spending in any category to help you easily create a budget based on historical spending. Compare your spending month-to-month and use your budget to plan ahead and see where you should cut back on specific categories.

Invite Users to your Household

Invite people you trust, such as your spouse or financial planner, to your household. They can help you plan ahead and make the most of your money.

Easy Reporting

A comprehensive list of reports is available that you can print or email. View your income versus expenses over time, view detailed transaction reports and look at your spending by category or by payee.

Record your Household Contents

Manage and record all your household content details. Specify where and when you purchased each item, what the purchase price was and what the replacement value should be. Attach notes and images to all your household content records! Next time you have an insurance claim, it will be a breeze!