What's New in Pastel My Money

Release: April 2013

Since you last worked in My Money, things have got a whole lot easier!

Automatic Bank Feeds now includes automatic categorisation of transactions

If you are already using Automatic Bank Feeds, you know that tracking your income and spending is really easy. Things have just got a lot easier! When you use Automatic Bank Feeds, My Money will automatically categorise transactions for you where possible!

For those transactions that My Money can’t automatically categorise, a system category called Uncategorised will be assigned – allowing you to immediately view your spending. Just re-categorise your unallocated transactions to get the full picture. Quick Entry Rules that you have set up will still apply and take preference over automatic categorisation.

Working with Uncategorised transactions and Transfers

System categories for Uncategorised transactions and Transfers have been added. Uncategorised transactions will need to be assigned to the correct income or expense category – or you can create your Quick Entry rules to teach My Money to categorise your transactions over time.

Transfers from one bank account to another are now done using the Transfer system category.

Make sure your My Money bank balance matches your Internet Banking balance using the new Bank Balance Check

Your My Money bank balance may differ from your Internet Banking balance for a variety of reasons – the main ones being missing or duplicate transactions or an incorrect opening balance. The new Bank Balance Check will guide your through the process of ensuring that your bank balances are correct.

Bank Balance Check

Work with your transactions in one screen – no more processing before you can view your spending!

You no longer have to process your Bank Statement transactions before viewing your spending … this will happen automatically! From now on, view your transactions immediately on the My Transactions menu.

Automatic Bank Feeds are now available for Multi-Factor Bank Accounts

My Money now supports multi-factor authentication bank accounts such as Capitec and Investec.

What is multi-factor authentication? Some online banking websites have additional one-time authentication, on top of user credentials, before you can access their websites. This is called multi-factor authentication, and may take the form of a security email or SMS or a security token provided by the banking institution.

Release: October 2012

It’s easier than ever to track your Income and Spending with Automatic Bank Feeds (beta)

In Beta! Starting today, you can set up automatic bank feeds which allow you to automatically import bank statements into your My Money bank or credit card accounts from banks and other financial institutions. This saves you having to manually import your bank statements yourself.

Each day when you login to your household, any new transactions available in your bank statement will be available for review in the My Money Bank Statements screen. You will save even more time by creating Quick Entry Rules where My Money will automatically assign the correct categories each time your automated bank statements are refreshed. Managing your money could not be easier!

For just R15.00 per month, the price of a cappuccino, you can make use of Automated Bank Feeds!

Learn more about automatic bank feeds

Setting your Preferences under My Profile

Set your own preference with regards to the number of rows that should be displayed when you are looking at rows in a grid as well as how many pie slices should be displayed on the pie charts on your Dashboard.

Budget Comparison Report

The budget comparison report displayed your budget compared to the current month. We have added an option to choose the month that you wish to compare to your budget.