Pastel My Money

Manage your personal finances online, for free!

No security

Your data is super safe. Pastel My
Money uses 128-bit encryption and
transmits personal and financial
information securely.

No monthly payment

Pastel My Money is free.
Upgrade to get Automatic Bank Feeds for a minimal yearly fee. You get
3 users and 3 households.

No installation

Simply login and start working.
There is no wasted time on software
installations or upgrades. Plus, you
get new features free!

No accessibility

Work from anywhere, anytime, as
long as you have an internet connection. Invite other users to your household.

Why use Pastel My Money?

Do you run a Small Business? Try Sage One!

Sage One is designed specifically for small business owners and freelancers.

This online accounting software solution encompasses business acumen of the future - imagine the possibilities for your small business! Keeping track of your sales, purchases, inventory, customers, suppliers and cash movements has never been so handy, current and mobile (For Example, Sage One has an iPhone application). Traditional accounting jargon has been replaced with simple, easily understood terminology, assuring you a seamless and convenient experience every time you are online.

Endorsed by the National Small Business Chamber